Detox Diet Drink Recipe Getting Rid Of Belly Fat


32 thoughts on “Detox Diet Drink Recipe Getting Rid Of Belly Fat”

    1. u duffer u dont have some knowledge….if the sticker is not being
      removed…if will crush along the apple…n its dangerous in consuming
      plastic..bloody fool…its just nonsence

    1. Right? She keeps saying the foods are high in fiber, but then she leaves it
      behind and just drinks the liquid. There is NO fiber in her drink lol

  1. watch Jason Vale videos and by doing as he advices you, you’ll get more out
    of your juice, talking from experience ( i juice for 6 years now) ;)

  2. wrong way thou … first goes an apple all the rest of the ingredients to
    follow and at the the otehr apple like a sandwich …in that order you get
    more out of your fruits and veggie ;)

  3. great.
    I have been taking / juicing / eating these foods in small quantities daily
    for about 3 years now. Lost around 100#. Problems are: need to build
    muscle, balance hormones to build muscle/lose fat, eat only health fat and
    foods that easily digest and increase metabolism. You are not getting the
    fiber to balance the glucose so you are getting sugar spikes with most
    juicing. Eat veg/fruits in ratio of 3:1. Coconut water/milk with flax and
    chia – eat omega3/6 in ratio of 1:1 (since I only eat omega3 must be close
    to 1:1). Need b12 and saturated fat for the brain to function. joints best
    with bone stock every day. I have many more tips including how to sleep all
    night/what to eat/do, how to detox contact me if interested.

  4. How does it taste? i have been trying a lot of green veggie juices and hate
    all of them, can’t drink it no matter how i try. What to do to start liking
    it? My diet is healthy, i love vegetables and eat a lot of them but I cant
    have them as a juice…

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