Dialysis for Kidney Disease

People with chronic kidney illness called end-stage kidney disease requirement kidney replacement therapy.

18 thoughts on “Dialysis for Kidney Disease”

  1. Thanks for sharing this informative video. This is very helpful video for
    those who are suffering from Kidney disease. Kidneys help maintain the body
    water balance, remove waste products and keep body chemicals in balance. I
    also provide natural health solutions to prevent kidney disease. Thanks Dr.
    James Meschino Follow @ Naturalhealthtest(dot)com

  2. I have been on dialysis for ten years. I had to get my life straight before
    I could get on a kidney transplant list, praise God that He gave me a new
    life! I was on hemo. for two years and they were the worst two years of my
    life! If you are suffering from CKD or like me, ESRD, go with peritoneal
    dialysis, it is much better than going to that center three days a week:
    more freedom but more responsibility. Only choose PD if you are serious
    about taking care of yourself!

  3. @xlxpiis totally agree with you. i see that here so many times. they just
    treat the symptoms but never see the context of how things started getting
    bad. If you are at risk or already suffer from kidney disease please have a
    look at this guide it is possible to reverse kidney disease start now >

  4. please dnt do negative posts such as above disease wont kill us it had sm
    way to b get cured only ur posts are killing theour confidence to live
    longer as u…

  5. If your kidneys are failing, ask about peritoneal dialysis. Many patients
    who are very active prefer this form of treatment. To support your
    catheter, check out the custom-made PD Security Band! Many patients say
    that it’s so comfortable, they forgot they have it on! Also, before having
    surgery for the catheter, make sure to talk with your medical team that
    they do not place the catheter in your belt line- Be a proactive team with
    them from the very beginning, especially catheter placement!

  6. Painless? I was on dialysis for two years. Fatigue, cramping, soar back,
    fifteen gauge needles pushed into your arm three times a week; all exhibit
    some form of pain. Not to mention sitting there with minimal mobility for
    five hours isn’t too fun. I am grateful every day for my friend who gave me
    my life back.

  7. iI just came from a drs appt . from the blood test results the dr told me
    that the numbers came up a little bit high. Tomorrow I will go for a second

  8. @twistedkidd93 thanks for the reply, i would go to doctor its not that im
    embarresd, its i don’t have the money. sorry to hear about your condition
    man, keep your head up

  9. PAINLESS? ROFL, it may be for some but you can experience tons of symptoms
    while your blood is being cleaned including SEVERE headaches or even just
    minor ones, Since your blood is being taken out of your body it goes back
    in cold (There are ways to fix this) but it can leave a patient FREEZING
    for an entire treatments. Not to mention the two needle sticks, although
    not to bad if done by the right person, needle sticks can damage your
    access if they infitrate the vessel wall or even destroy it.

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