How the Body Reacts to a Juice Cleanse with Joe Cross

Joe Cross, supervisor, celebrity, and producer of the docudrama Fat, Sick & Virtually Dead, tells Sonima owner Sonia Jones concerning his initial juice cleanse. He describes the physical and also emotional modifications the body undergoes when we quick. He likewise clarifies just how the body processes and makes use of the nutrients we eat. Discover much more on,

31 thoughts on “How the Body Reacts to a Juice Cleanse with Joe Cross”

    1. and I think it’s just childish to talk about “number 2” as if it’s gross,
      every animal does it. It just slows down education to beat around the bush
      like she does, imagine a mechanic that was too embarrassed to tell you your
      vehicle needs an oil change? He wouldn’t be a very good mechanic..

  1. It’s so funny reading the comments below because that was my exact thought.
    Why is she doing this interview? She didn’t help in any way. She was just a
    distraction. She kept interrupting and saying things that were not helpful.
    She should not be doing interviews. Joe was very patient.

  2. Trying to listen to Joe Cross was extremely interesting and informative.
    Sadly his continuity and flow were being constantly interrupted and spoiled
    by that irritating female. She was both a massive hindrance and a nuisance.
    I hope she sees the negative comments about how she totally spoiled the
    interview and learns.

  3. joe you’re great! You did such a wonderful thing do so many people, too bad
    she interrupted you and didn’t allow your full thoughts and sentences to

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