How To Cleanse Your Liver

In today's video clip, I intend to discuss how you can cleanse and also detox your liver. Your liver is your 2nd biggest body organ as well as is crucial to your body's wellness, which is why it's so important to detox your liver.

The leading 5 means you could detox your liver:

1. Get rid of all toxic substances from your diet (refined grains, sugars, convenience foods, packaged foods, conventional meat and journal, and also consume actual foods).

2. Consume liver cleansing natural herbs like milk thistle, turmeric extract, and dandelion.

3. Detox your emotions (your feelings directly impact your body organs like stress, animosity, unforgiveness, as well as rage).

4. Consume genuine liver (chicken or beef liver).

5. Take in foods that cleanse the liver (sprouts, salads, sour foods, probiotic rich foods).

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40 thoughts on “How To Cleanse Your Liver”

    1. It was the start of getting rid of my hypoglycemia! It allowed me to do
      some intermittent fasting (my overall diet changes helped even more, but
      this kick started things). I definitely felt a “detox” effect the first
      time I tried it… drink lots of water with it and don’t overdo it! 🙂

  1. I’m a bit surprised you recommend liver, especially for those in countries
    who are known to load up their animals with chemicals, such as the US. Can
    you clarify?

  2. wow, a holistic approach to healing from a doctor!!! I have been on
    antidepressants for 30 years due to a profoundly abusive upbringing
    (incest, my father blew his head off in front of me, severe beatings that
    have left me with spinal problems, etc). I was also drinking heavily, but I
    have been off the lot for 2 weeks now – cold turkey – and the withdrawals
    often felt like LSD trips. I went high raw vegan 6 months ago in
    preparation for the great withdrawal and that really helped me so much to
    get through the withdrawal. It has been 2 and half weeks now and I am
    feeling great, however, some days you only have to look at me and I burst
    into tears. I am extremely emotional, but NOT depressed. I am expressing
    gratitude, forgiveness, I am exercising, but can you please tell me what
    are the best foods for mood/ serotonin production. I eat as much organic
    food as possible. Thank you so much ;)

    1. Hi folks, it has been 3 months for me now that I have been on my holistic
      road t health and I have made some pretty dramatic changes. It is still
      very difficult day to day not to take a quick fix anti depressant or a
      quick fix bottle of wine, but overall the vegan diet has helped to knock
      years off of my appearance. Plus the with the gym I have lost so much
      weight and bloat and look and feel so much better than I have in years. I
      still listen to hypnosis videos every day and do as much as I can to help
      myself. I guess I am trying to say that if I can clean my life up anyone
      can and , though hard and often sad, it is worth it.

  3. hmmm I am just wondering regarding the eating chicken liver etc stuff.

    since liver detoxifies the body, is it it a good idea to consume animal’s
    liver? The toxins may still be in liver u know.

  4. Dandelion effects Gaul bladder directly, it can motivate a stone issue like
    it did me, so be sure about that one lol… I had to get Gaul bladder
    removed later, prob from the very stress you speak of! … But my question
    is NOW, without my GB can I take dandelion or will it hurt again?

  5. Why the hell he didnt say anything about one of the most popular poisonous
    material for liver : Alcohol ! (which its harms are not just for liver and
    are not just physical ) Its definitely the number one of the things that
    should be removed .
    Alcohol is not a food . Our body doenst need a single drop of it in its
    lifetime ! yet most of the people put it in their bodies almost every day !
    ! ! its a drug or narcotic ( gives you illusory feelings ) . Its also
    forbidden in some religions and spiritual schools .

  6. (1)Stop consuming toxins (sugar, processed food, conventional dairy,
    conventional meat). (2)Milk thistle (150mg x 2), tumeric (Tbs w/ food),
    dandelion, (3)Detox your bad emotions cultivate gratitude, (4)Eat liver,
    (5)Consume sprouts, salads, sour foods, apple cider vinegar, kefir, beets,
    artichokes dandelion greens, etc…

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  8. Hi Dr. Axe, I was diagnosed with a fatty liver and I want to cleanse my
    Liver, Kidney & Colon, but in what order should I start?

  9. Milk Thistle, Turmeric great – but MEAT to cleanse your liver?
    Oh wait, now he’s talking about toxic ’emotions’ – and he calls himself a
    doctor – I’m jogging on from this one!

  10. This is a pretty good overview and approach we teach our clients as well.
    Good diet, exercise, supplements and emotional state can reverse fatty
    liver disease. Keep up the good work Dr. Axe.

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