How To Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally


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Chanca Piedra:

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45 thoughts on “How To Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally”

  1. “Superhealthy foods”? That’s a word I never heard in medical school. People
    like you are the reason some patients seek medical attention long after
    they can still be treated. You give false hope to sick people. You should
    be ashamed of yourself. I’ve been through a renal colic twice. Second time
    i had a Cook catheter implanted.

    1. hey ,if anyone else is searching for passing kidney stones treatment home
      remedy try Alkarno Kidney Stone Alchemist (should be on google have a look
      ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my partner got great results
      with it.

    2. +seversebastian Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants
      to discover kidney stone treatment at home try Loctavan Simple Kidney
      Strategy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my
      buddy got excellent results with it.

  2. I’ve had 3 stones I passed.The 1st was a 1 day affair when I was coming
    back home from having evacuated from Katrina good thing I wasn’t driving,i
    had no idea what was happening but I thought kidney stone,i don’t know
    about what it’s like for women but for me I was a feeling of having to pee
    constantly but only a couple of drops at a time … besides the pain in
    end of you know what before that you will feel a sharp pain in the
    back.Since then I know what it feels like when it comes.I passed a 2.5mm
    stone & the last was3mm but when I passed it I looked smaller.(they give
    you a little funnel with screen to catch it or use a urinal)BUT they said I
    still had a 7mm still in my Kidney (looking forward to that).I was
    wondering* how Big were the stones you had in your kidneys that this herb
    dissolved?* … oh the Dr. Medical way to passing is the drug Flowmax,some
    type of antiswelling drug,sometimes an antibiotic and some good pain pills
    would help …

  3. This video would have more credibility if you obviously weren’t trying to
    sell stuff. You clearly don’t want to help, you just want to make money.

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  5. Lemon juice for kidney stones. If that worked everybody diagnosed with
    Kidney stones would b prescribed the same. Just because you use the term
    homeopathic, neutropseutical and the rest doesn’t mean you have any
    scientific proof. You should shut your mouth. you’re a hysterical idiot.

  6. Thank you for making this video. I found your video 2 years ago, and have
    successfully dissolved kidney stones in myself, and 2 aunts using this
    product. It is my go to remedy for anything related to kidneys. 

    1. Hi, mines vary from 3mm to 9mm +. I tend to get several in each kidney. I
      had no pain when they passed. I didn’t even know.
      The Chanca Piedra breaks it up and dissolves it. You may feel a slight
      burning when urinating, that’s it. I hope it works for you too.

    2. +petchild1 Thanks. 🙂 I’ll be watchful when urinating. Did you have any
      pain when passing your stones? Also, did you know the size of your stones?
      I’m afraid 7mm is too big 🙁 I hope this works out for me.

    3. Hi, initially as I was suffering with kidney stones, I did 15 drops in
      500ml of water, which i consumed over 60 mins 2x day. I did this for 5
      You have to pay attention when you urinate, as I didn’t even know I passed
      anything until I heard “clinks” in the toilet 😀
      Once All the stones passed (you can do an ultra sound to confirm they were
      dissolved if you want to) for maintenance once a month or ever other month,
      I take 15 drops in 500ml of water over 60 mins at nights for 3 nights (a
      couple extra trips to the bathroom at nights is a small price for a healthy
      kidney). I hope this works for you, and you are able to be stone and pain

  7. Wanna pass a stone quicker? Have a few beers. Beer has purines and cleanses
    your kidneys. You’ll piss like a racehorse and it will help pass it. Works
    for me several times.

  8. I am so glad I came across your video, I have suffered with kidney stones
    for 20 years and have passed numerous ones of different sizes and you are
    correct it is excrutiating pain and sometimes it can take weeks to actually
    pass with pain that comes and goes. Last week I had to have surgery to
    remove a 10mm stone that was in my ureter. I had to stay in the hospital
    and have a stent for a week and then after taking the stent out the pain
    became so bad I returned to the ER for pain meds. I have also been
    researching how to dissolve them because I have one in my left kidney and
    the urologist is going to watch it to see if it grows. So after all that
    being said I am going to try the herb you talked about and maybe the lemon
    juice and oil also. Like you the diet the told me to go on was ridiculous.
    I dont think anyone could actually do it. It is all the foods I love and
    are healthy. I appreciate you so much for taking the time to do this video.

  9. CHANCA PIEDRA….that’s it everybody,I wishes I knew about it before I (2)
    invasive procedures to removed Kidney Stones
    That’s all you need,a little drop as directed,with (8) ozs water (2) or (3)
    times a day. Also remember to watch your diet.

  10. thank you for this. I’ve heard so many conflicting theories and opinions
    and this issue of kidney stones, and I was starting to lose hope that there
    was any truths out there. I will definitely look into this, and sorry for
    the rude comments made by immature people, but then again welcome to the

  11. To make a long story short I will say I tried lemon juice for 1 month
    before my next scan, knowing already I had 2 stones at 5 mm. Friends swore
    on it and I did not want to go through any more pain ever again. Been
    having them for 10 years. They are so terrible !! I would put a small
    amount in whatever I was drinking for the next month. Never drank it pure
    but only diluted in a glass of tea or water or crystal lite. At my scan
    both were completely gone. Since then I have not stopped doing this. It is
    now forever part of my life. One friend of mine has done it now for 30
    years and no stones still ! The doctor who said this does not work is
    wrong. Probably more wrapped up in his techniques and money than actually
    helping people. My doc was the same way. Your rain forrest herb is NOT
    whats doing it. Your wasting your money. Even you admitted to drinking the
    juice beforehand. That is what did it for you. Believe what you want. Too
    many have testified to what lemon juice has done for them and now I join
    their ranks. It is cheaper and is the only cure in my book. Thanks anyway
    for your vid. You seem like a sweet person and you definately were good for
    my eyes. :)

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