Kidney Cleanse Drink

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26 thoughts on “Kidney Cleanse Drink”

    1. +einsteindrieu I’m studying treating kidney stones at home and found a
      great resource at Wilfs Remedy Answer (google it if you are interested)

  1. i would strain it also because the extra fiber has to be processed through
    the liver, and unless you chew it, it’s not going to work. I don’t cook my
    greens usually – just put them directly in the vitamix and then strain.

  2. Well America has finally waken up to moving away from the typical
    westernized medicine that doesn’t work most of the time. It does sometimes
    but with great side effects that are very unhealthy. So…….. That being
    said are we still making fun of Asians for preaching this type of good
    advice for years to us? Or are we just going to act like we forgot and
    sweep this under the rug just like every other fuked up thing we do in
    history and not talk about it.

  3. I tried your recipe. It is very delicious – I like it warm, maybe cut with
    a little cold water or allowed to cool down a bit. I looked at a few
    recipes and the one I looked at last was the one I actually used – a 2
    minute simmer followed by a 30 minute steep – same proportions, though..


  4. Can I just boil the bunch of cilantro rather than chop? Followed by simply
    removing after boiling for ten minutes, and drink the broth?

  5. Thanks for sharing.I love your kitchen too but sorry to say I’m an animal
    lover and it hurts to look at your wall with that deer horns.

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