Natural Methods to cure Kidney Stone – Baba Ramdev

Kidney stone is increasing each day due to undesirable diet regimen, less exercise, much less consumption of water, boost in consumption of fried foods.

Rocks can occur in Gall Bladder, Pancreatic, kidney, Throat or perhaps in any kind of component of body. Because of high calcium deposition in the body, stone happens.

If you do Kapalbhati Pranayam routinely, or if you run or do physical exercise after that you will certainly not suffer from kidney rock. Drink plenty of water. Gall Bladder stone occurs as a result of increase in cholesterol degree. Kapalbhati is finest for this problem likewise. Consume little quantity of Buttermilk. Eat Kulthi Daal to prevent Kidney rock. Boil 1-2 spoons of Kulthi Daal in one glass water. Drink this water after it comes to be to fifty percent. Radish is ideal treatment for Kidney Rock. Consuming Barley flour is advantageous for Kidney rock.

Ayurvedic Medicines:
Yavak Chhar 10gm + Mooli Chhar 10gm + Hazrool Yahur Bhasma 10gm + Shwet Parpati 10gm. Mix this and also eat this 1gm day-to-day with water. You could likewise take Ahmirihar Ras or Ahmirihar Kwath along with this. You can eat 3-5 leaves of Patharchata. Many a times while doing kapalbhati, rock comes out. Spread these methods to all. After Surgical treatment, rock establishes once more. To avoid such tendency of redevelopment of stone, bring yog and also ayurved in day-to-day method.


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