Secret Detox Drink-Transform Your Kitchen-Episode #36

Dr. Axe's secret detoxification drink recipe not just tastes wonderful, it will certainly aid you burn fat, drop weight, equilibrium blood sugar level degrees, as well as obtain your body healthy!

– Apple Cider Vinegar has plenty of enzymes and also great germs. It has acetic acid, which has actually been shown to lower high blood pressure around 6 percent. It can likewise assist eat up the starches if you do eat grains in your diet. (Bragg– Apple Cider Vinegar).

– Lemon juice aids stabilize blood glucose and also has an alkaline result on your body helping to control PH. It also contains vitamin C.

– Cinnamon is one of the most effective anti-oxidants on earth. It's the top herb/spice for balancing blood sugar.

– Cayenne pepper has actually been revealed to drop blood pressure, increase metabolic process.

– Stevia is an all-natural sweetener made from the stevia plant, as well as it's an excellent substitute for any kind of artificial sweeteners.

Dr. Axe recommends eating this beverage three times daily 20 minutes prior to dishes for 2 weeks, after that eating it one time a day before breakfast or lunch.

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Update: Some people were asking what brand name of Stevia Dr. Axe makes use of- it's NuNaturals. You can get it on amazon () Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods or most local organic food shops. Additionally, regional raw honey is a great substitute if you have it.

40 thoughts on “Secret Detox Drink-Transform Your Kitchen-Episode #36”

  1. i feel bad commenting this…but wow its amazing what a beard on a good
    looking guy will make a girl think -.- great now im a perv

    1. +Monica IsOnline The cayenne is optional, but adds an extra health boost.
      Check out my article on the health benefits of cayenne:

  2. I really like this and use it a lot. Ive added apple pectin to mine (which
    I hope is safe.)

    To dissolve it better I put larger quantities in an 8 oz jar and blend with
    a bit of water for a paste. Store in fridge.

  3. My issue is with honey (what I would use for a sweetener). I’m not sure if
    I should keep doing it since I recently found out I’m pre-diabetic :(

  4. I just made this in a large Disani water bottle after a few sips I feel
    weird kinda nauseous. Has anyone experienced this if so what happen, is my
    body rejecting the concoction? I must be very toxic

  5. Doc, I believe I MAY have adrenal fatigue accompanied with indigestion and
    low stomach acid. I’m using a detox product with these ingredients: GINGER
    ROOT,CLOVE,BLACK WALNUT BARK. Are products like these good or bad in your

  6. Lemon in my country is kinda expensive. Can I substitute it with calamansi
    juice instead? Please respond as I am serious about this drink. Thanks doc.

  7. Oz goz, Sorry. Messed up the spelling of your name, in my reply. Which
    should be waiting for you to find right now. Thanx. This has been fun!

    1. +Tammy McBride The sweetener (any natural sweetener you prefer) is only to
      enhance the taste. Technically you could do without any if you want. I
      believe raw honey to be better for this recipe because of all of its other
      health benefits.

    2. I actually used raw honey myself. I believe it should be fine, as long as
      it’s a natural sweetener like maple syrup or agave syrup

  8. The secret detox drink not only tastes great, it will help you burn fat,
    lose weight, balance blood sugar levels, and get your body healthy!
    #healthyrecipes #detox #TBT 

    1. +Dr. Josh Axe Please help me I can’t find any stevia in any store. Can I
      replace it with honey?..Please reply. And I use 1 tsp of cayenne pepper. Is
      it okay?

    2. +Dr. Josh Axe – Hi Dr. Josh ….The first time my husband and I tried just
      Apple Cider Vinegar in some water with just a little honey, it was a pretty
      potent taste. I like your ideas and yes it takes time getting used to Apple
      Cider Vinegar. Awesome channel by the way..

  9. Wow that was intense. I saw this for the first time yesterday. I want to
    detox from sugar and woke up with a headache so thought maybe this drink
    will help. My husband and I had one each about 15 minutes ago. At first I
    felt very full then only minutes later had to go to the bathroom! My
    headache is now gone!!! I am a believer!!! Super Awesome!!!! He is
    getting the gotta go to the bathroom feeling too. LOL! Body is tingling
    and I feel light and really good. Ready for a huge salad with lots of

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