The Great Kidney Spring Clean Juice

Get along to your kidneys and also provide them a great clean out with this scrumptious juice. Offering your kidneys a cleanse will certainly help them to filter waste in our body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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33 thoughts on “The Great Kidney Spring Clean Juice”

  1. At Christmas time we can tend to go a wee bit overboard with the eat,
    drink and be merry attitude. So I’ve got a great juice lined up to help me
    do some internal house keeping. Thank goodness it tastes bloomin’ delicious

    The Great Kidney Spring Clean Juice

    #kidney #juicerecipe #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthyrecipes 

    1. Merry Christmas +Maurice May! I plan on spoiling myself a little this
      Christmas, so I have my contingency plan ready to go!! 🙂 much love for
      always supporting us xxx

  2. Hi! I want to ask your opinion ’cause I read something online about
    symptoms of people having kidney problems and I seem to have most of them
    though I really haven’t gone to the doctor for that. So I changed my eating
    habits and I started juicing. I researched and most of my searches pointed
    to having celery, beets, and cherries, blackberries, or cherries. So my
    question is…
    First, should I make juice or a smoothie? Second, I mix celery, apples,
    carrots, cucumbers, beets, blueberries or cherries… Is it good for a
    kidney cleanse? Or would you recommend something else? Thanks.

    1. +ralph p anything fresh, organic and natural will help you Ralph. Juicing
      is a more direct route to the goodness but smoothies give you a good fibre
      hit as well. Keep on researching, keep on eating and drinking fresh fruit
      and vegetables. Best of luck!

  3. *Kidney Spring Clean Juice*

    If you’ve had too much Holiday cheer, be kind to your kidneys and try
    making this nutritious juice. Trust me they’ll be happy! 🙂 Thanks +Bridget
    Davis ~ The Internet Chef 

    1. +Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef you’re welcome and Merry Christmas to
      you too. Sharing is caring and caring is sharing 🙂

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